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An Org Play Announcement

VEKN Conclave - Conclave Guidelines

The next few paragraphs refer to the Conclave e-mailing list and its
proper uses. Please read them carefully.

If you do not want to receive posts individually, but rather in digest
form, you can tell the membership director Oscar Garza
( that you want it that way. He will take the
necessary steps.

You can post questions regarding the promotion of VTES to the conclave
mailing-list once you are added.

If you want to reply privately to a message by another member of the
list, first make sure that the reply-to address is NOT the conclave
mailing-list. If you simply hit reply, the message goes to the list, not
the individual. Please keep that in mind.

The Conclave list is intended to provide a resource and discussion forum
for exchanging ideas and experiences in promoting Vampire: The Eternal
Struggle. It is also the primary way that White Wolf communicates with
the Princes.

Your responsibilities as a Prince cover a range of activities, some of
which you may not be familiar with. This mailing list will be one of
your main resources for learning about unfamiliar aspects of promotion,
be they running tournaments, demos, local advertising, or any other
subjects related to promoting the game. If there is something with which
you are not familiar, ask your peers! The Prince list is full of
individuals who have been promoting the game since its creation, and are
very willing to share their ideas and experiences with you to make your
job easier.

In addition, your position as a Prince will make you a contact point for
the players in your area. To assist in spreading accurate and timely
information, the Conclave list receives information about V:TES directly
from those parties at White Wolf who have that information.

For more information concerning a Princes responsibilities, please
follow this link to the White Wolf web site:

Please note the following: though you have been appointed “Prince”, this
does not in any way mean that you hold any power over other players in
your playgroup or your domain. Being Prince is more a job than a
position of power. You will have to do a good job in your new role in
order to gain respect from other players around you. Whatever you do –
keep in mind that V:TES is just a game and that it is supposed to be

As is to be expected, this list adheres to all the conventional rules of
"Netiquette", including (but not limited to) refraining from "flame
wars" or other personal attacks, and the re-posting of excess text when
replying to a post. The Conclave is a _plain text_ only mailing list.
All HTML and Rich Text formats to posts should be converted to plain
text before posting. Attachments not specifically requested by White
Wolf personnel or the mailing list administrator are banned. Posting
them, or other high bandwidth material may be considered grounds for
removal from the list.

There are certain topics that are more appropriate to other V:TES
forums. Specifically, the following topics are not considered
appropriate to the Conclave:

1. Rules Questions
2. Tournament announcements (upcoming events and tourney results)
3. House rule discussions (including discussions regarding Card Limits)
4. Personal discussions with (or private messages to) other Princes
5. World of Darkness cannon/storyline, except as it can be used to
promote V:TES
6. Requests to White Wolf for tournament/demo support

In addition, personal information, such as phone numbers, snail mail
addresses, etc. should NEVER be posted to the Conclave. Personal
information that is needed for official purposes can be sent directly to
the V:EKN membership director, Oscar Garza, at

While all of these topics are interesting and potentially relevant to
V:TES, the goal of the Conclave is to attain a high level of relevance
specifically directed at the responsibilities of the Prince. Other
forums exist for the pursuit of the above-mentioned topics, including;
the White Wolf VTES Forum ( and then click on card
games and then forum) the general VTES mailing list, and the VTES Usenet newsgroup

Rules questions can be sent directly to L. Scott Johnson
( or asked in the newsgroup or the WW forum.

The Conclave list can best serve its purpose if it remains focussed on
those topics that most help the Princes in their jobs. Off-topic
subjects often result in a divergence of the discussions away from
responsibilities of the Prince, (along with wasting a high degree of
bandwidth, clogging mailboxes, etc.) so we hope you will do your best to
eliminate them from this forum.

One last important thing: having access to the Conclave is crucial for
your job as Prince of the VEKN. Without a valid, functioning e-mail
address, you cannot receive important information and cannot be
contacted. Therefore, whenever you change e-mail addresses, or notice
that your account is acting strange or is outright malfunctioning,
contact the membership director at to inform
him of the situation and solve the problem somehow. If, at some point in
time, you wish to retire from your job as a VEKN Prince, you will have
to notify the membership director immediately. Please keep that in mind.

Thanks for reading this and trying to adhere to those few guidelines!


Oscar J Garza III
Organized Play Coordinator
White Wolf Publishing, Inc.

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