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An Org Play Announcement

VEKN Conclave - Events Calendar Switch complete
Tue Nov 8, 2005  2:40 pm 


Just got back from the EC (TERRIFIC event by the way).

I'm happy to announce the Event calendar has had all the events imported and
your are now free to enter and edit events as normal at:

I received several emails in the last week or so concerning the editing and
entering of events. I ask that you please use this form to update your

Additionally, the VEKN database and calendar are now tied to the White Wolf
website making it a bit easier to manage profiles and such.

Users will be able to link both their VEKN IDs and Prince IDs through their
White Wolf profile. Errors direct people to contact me. As a tool for
helping to solve some issues, here are some

Direct URL where people need to go to link their VEKN ID(there is a link in
their profile):

Direct URL where people need to go to link their Prince ID. Note that they
MUST have a VEKN ID associated FIRST before linking a Prince ID:

I ask that you please link your Prince prefixes to a White-Wolf website
account (if and when you have one). I also ask that you get the VEKN ID URL
to as many players as possible so that the database can be updated.

I will field questions and comments in private emails as always:

Thank you for your time,

Oscar J. Garza III
Organized Play Coordinator
White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
1554 Litton Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

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