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An Org Play Announcement

VEKN Conclave - Legacies of Blood Pre-Release Info

The pre-release events are a chance for you and your playgroup to see and
play with the cards from the next set before they are officially released.
To run a pre-release event you will need to submit an event to the calendar:

You will then take the Pre-release kit ordering information to your local
retailer and have them order the kit.

I will answer any other questions in private emails.

Some people were buying the kits solely for the free cards. Since we decided to
go through retailer channels and broaden our scope for these pre-releases, we
felt that it would be even more susceptible to abuse. Reigning in the free-ness
and offering a different prize was the decision that was made.

The prize T-shirt is a long sleeve black T with a green/gold Tri-Snake
symbol on the chest.


Oscar J. Garza III
Organized Play Coordinator
White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
1554 Litton Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

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