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An Org Play Clan Newsletter

Malkavian Antitribu Newsletter Vol. 3 Issue 1


Welcome everyone to my first issue of the !Malk newsletter. For those of you
who don't know me my name is Oscar Garza, Prince of College Station, TX. I'
ve played in and hosted several tournaments in the last few years, some of
which are documented in the sections at

The News

So with the addition of our Camarilla counterparts and Uncle George we now
have 37 vampires with dementation at some level. Uncle George is a welcome
addition, bringing another vamp with DEM at 5-capacity. He's a stick in most
!Malk decks. Uncle George will be featured in another newsletter soon
matched up with Hannibal, Vasantasena, and some vanilla Malks.

Vamp of the Month

Clan: Malkavian-Antitribu
Capacity: 9
Sabbat - Archbishop of Miami
Superior Auspex
Superior Dementation
Inferior Obfuscate
Inferior Protean
Inferior Vicissitude
Group: 2
Ability: As a +1 stealth (D) action, Imogen may pick one card at random from
the hand of her prey or predator and exchange it with any card in that
Methuselah's ash heap.

Imogen opens up some interesting combat option for the !Malks. Her
discipline spread allows her to fit in with traditional !Malks perfectly.
Having both AUS and DEM at superior make her a perfect Call user. Having obf
at inferior isn't such a big deal when she's toting 4 disciplines that offer
stealth. Being the only !Malk with pro and vic, makes her a little funny to
use, a problem a couple skill cards and some sanguine instructions will fix.

Protean.. Well we got some agg hand damage, some additional stealth
posibilites, Form of Mist if we get superior on someone. Uncontrollable Rage
is a neat card; you can do some really "crazy bleeding" with that. Flesh of
marble makes it a little easier to play with Coma.

Vicissitude experienced a boost with 5 new vic vampires. This truly useful
support discipline will offer the !Malks some combat options as well as
additional stealth and a funky card that is featured in this month's CotM.
Some combos I hope to experiment with in the future are Inner Essence-Coma,
getting bounced and Meld with the Land. General bruise bleed with vic-dem,
Trap Bonecraft-Personal Scourge, Bonecraft Lunatic Eruption, and

Pro/vic looks pretty mean in a combat situation, you've got all sorts of
neat combos, kraken's kiss/flesh of marble, inner essence/claws, horrid
form/claws. but that's legbiter's job.

So Imogen is a killer. DEM/obf gives us our actions and a way to get them
through; the pro/vic combo matched with AUS gives us our defensive angle.

In this month's newsletter I'm going to feature a deck based around the
dem/vic/aus combination.

Card of the Month

Inner Essence
Requires: Vicissitude
Play before range is determined. Once this combat, this vampire can reduce
the cost to play a combat card by one blood. A vampire can play only one
Inner Essence each combat.
SUP: As above, and gain a blood.

Monster of a card, I wish I could play it anytime I ever get into combat.
Reducing the cost of a combat card by one blood and then giving you a blood
on top of that. Many many options for this card.

Inner Essence+ CE: extra blood fuels blood dolls, and in the case of, for
example, majesty and mirror image, the card is free.

Inner Essence (+Flesh of Mable)+Claws: net =1, Flesh of marble prevents all
but that one.

Inner Essence+Horrid Form+Claws:  Free combo prevent one, +1 Strength.
Almost too good to be true.

Inner Essence+Coma: Net -1 blood for a devastating effect: torpor with

Deck of the Month
Deck Name: Imogen changes the face of dementation
Author: Me

Crypt: 12
3x Imogen
3x Little Tailor
Uncle George
Muriel Foucade
Persia, the Beautiful stone
Dolphin Black
(optional: Oscar, The Crazy Aggie)

Library: 90
Masters: 16
6 Blood Doll
Hungry Coyote
Info Highway
The Rack
4x Vicissitude
3x Rotschrek

Actions 23
3x Sanguine Instruction
4x Madman's Quill
8x The Call
8x Kindred Spirits

Action Modifiers 16
Abandoning the Flesh
6x Confusion
4x Malleable Visage
5x Deny

Combat: 20
8x Inner Essence
4x Coma
3x Breath of Dragon
4x Chiropteran Marauder

Reaction: 15
8x Forced Awakening
4x Enhanced Senses
3x Spirits Touch

Inner Essence drops the price of Breath, and may give us a blood to fuel the
marauder. That extra blood always comes in handy. Meld with the land is
there when our minions get bounced to our grand prey, we play nice and untap
them. You'll pull off a Malleable Visage trick once or twice, but most prey
are pretty smart about that sort of thing.

Comments Welcome

Oscar Garza
Prince of College Station, TX
The Crazy Aggie

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