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An Org Play Announcement

VEKN Conclave - Conclave: Tournament Support


Tournament support is currently available in a few forms.

Order from Potomac, White Wolf, or With the stock number
for the kit (#2567), you can order through these distributors. requires that your event be posted on the calendar. This
should not effect any of you since posting events to the calendar is one of
the first steps to running a tournament. Your support should arrive in time.

Eastern European Princes should consider contacting Feder und Schwert- Sales. 
F&S is a distributor in Germany, the proximity may help with shipping.

T-shirts are not part of the current tournament kit. 
It does includes boosters, promos, playmats, and membership cards.

Comments and questions welcome,


Oscar J Garza III
Organized Play Coordinator
White Wolf Publishing, Inc

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