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An Org Play Signature Deck

Deck Name: Imogen changes the face of dementation
Author: Oscar Garza 

Crypt: 12
3x Imogen
3x Little Tailor
Uncle George
Muriel Foucade
Persia, the Beautiful stone
Dolphin Black
(optional: Oscar, The Crazy Aggie)

Library: 90
Masters: 16
6 Blood Doll
Hungry Coyote
Info Highway
The Rack
4x Vicissitude
3x Rotschrek

Actions 23
3x Sanguine Instruction
4x Madman's Quill
8x The Call
8x Kindred Spirits

Action Modifiers 16
Abandoning the Flesh
6x Confusion
4x Malleable Visage
5x Deny

Combat: 20
8x Inner Essence
4x Coma
3x Breath of Dragon
4x Chiropteran Marauder

Reaction: 15
8x Forced Awakening
4x Enhanced Senses
3x Spirits Touch

Inner Essence drops the price of Breath, and may give us a blood to
fuel the marauder. That extra blood always comes in handy. Meld with
the land is there when our minions get bounced to our grand prey, we
play nice and untap them. You'll pull off a Malleable Visage trick
once or twice, but most prey are pretty smart about that sort of

Comments Welcome

Oscar Garza
Prince of College Station, TX
The Crazy Aggie

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