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An Org Play Signature Deck

This deck had 2 GW and like 7.5 VPs going into the finals of the Eye
of Hazimel Storyline tournament, I was first seed going in. I was
unable to play in the final however.

Deck Name: Martyr
Created By: Oscar Garza 
Description: Bring up Baali, bleed with social charms and sense the
sin, minion tap and golconda huitlipotchli for some bloat, crowbar
anyone that's not useful and redeem their soul later.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 24, Max: 38, Avg: 7.58)
1 Sargon cel dai obf pre 5, Baali
2 High Priest Angra Mainyu DAI dem OBF PRE ser 8, Baali
2 Giotto Verducci DAI for OBF pot pre 7, Baali
1 Sarrasine aus nec OBF PRE ser 7, Followers of Set
1 Mary the Black cel DAI obf pot PRE 7, Baali
3 Huitzilopochtli AUS DAI DOM OBF PRE POT 10, Baali
1 Sir Marriot D'Urban aus obf PRE ser 5, Followers of Set
1 Danny Larkshill obf obt pot PRE SER 7, Followers of Set

Library: (90 cards)
Master (19 cards)
1 Barrens, The
2 Brothers Grimm
1 Fragment of the Book of Nod
2 Golconda: Inner Peace
1 Information Highway
1 Khobar Towers, Al-Khubar
4 Minion Tap
1 Presence
1 Redeem the Lost Soul
2 Rotschreck
3 Sudden Reversal

Action (21 cards)
6 Enchant Kindred
15 Social Charm

Action Modifier (19 cards)
1 Change of Target
2 Elder Impersonation
2 Faceless Night
8 Lost in Crowds
6 Spying Mission

Reaction (7 cards)
1 Delaying Tactics
6 Forced Awakening

Combat (9 cards)
3 Conflagration
6 Staredown

Combo (15 cards)
12 Sense the Sin
3 Swallowed by the Night

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