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An Org Play Announcement

White Wolf Announces
V:TES Nights of Reckoning Pre-Release Event
Direct Inquiries to:
Oscar J Garza III, Organized Play Coordinator
White Wolf Publishing
1554 Litton Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
404-292-1819 x238

V:TES Nights of Reckoning Pre-Release Event Guidelines

Celebrating the latest expansion of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, now
in it's 12th year of play, White Wolf Publishing and the Princes of
the Elder Kindred Network are promoting a weekend long series of
tournaments and special events globally - all to help players get
familiar with the new cards coming available in the Nights of Reckoning
Expansion set. Below is the basic information needed to plan your own

What is in Nights of Reckoning?:
· A booster-only set of 60 cards, themed on the mortal
monster-hunters, drawing from the World of DarknessŪ classic.
· Includes 20 Hunter crypt cards, which can be used to build
all-mortal decks or alongside vampires in standard decks.
· Introduces 7 new "Disciplines" (the Virtues and Edges of the
· No reprinted cards in this mini-expansion

On April 8th & 9th, Princes will have the opportunity to run a Nights
of Reckoning Pre-release tournament. Princes begin by securing a venue
and registering the event on the calendar:

Product Information to share with your local retailer:
WW2726 VTES Nights of Reckoning Booster Display.

Organizers have the option of choosing the format that best suits their
playgroup. Some suggestions are:

The 40/40 rule:


Since Nights of Reckoning is not a standalone set, the format will
require players to bring their own "base" decks to add to the Nights of
Reckoning cards they receive at the event.  These base decks should
have 40 library and 8 vampire cards (average capacity 5 or more). So 40
library cards and 40 capacity of vampires: the 40/40 rule.

Each attendee purchases from the sponsoring retailer 4 packs of Nights
of Reckoning.  These are then booster drafted at the tables.

Players must use at least 20 library and 4 crypt cards from their
drafted Nights of Reckoning cards.  (Obviously you can use more if you
want; you can even replace some of your 40/40 premade deck with
additional Nights of Reckoning cards if you like.  You must have at
least 60 cards in your library and 12 cards in your crypt when you're

Participants are encouraged to bring multiple base decks and then
choose one after drafting their Nights of Reckoning cards.

Booster Draft:
Booster draft Nights of Reckoning with whatever combination of sets you
like or have access to.

Booster draft instructions are here:

Anything you want!
If you feel another format fits your playgroup more appropriately, feel
free to do as you like. This is not a sanctioned format so be creative!
Try and take down Nergal in the final, if you want!

Let us know how things went. The WW Website will be putting up a news
story on the Pre-release events. We want Pictures, Tell us how many
people showed up. Who won? What was the most creative combination?
We'll draw a name from the post-event reports submitted and send one
person a display of Nights of Reckoning. Just to say thanks for keeping
us in the loop.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle celebrates its twelfth anniversary this
year. Designed by Richard Garfield, designer of Magic: The GatheringŪ,
VTES allows players to pit clans of vampires against one another in a
mix of intrigue and action.

Play VTES Online at

About White Wolf: Since its entry into the roleplaying game market in
1991, White Wolf Publishing, Inc. has grown, maintaining an average
market share of 26%. With collective book sales in excess of 5.5
million copies during this time, White Wolf is one of two undisputed
worldwide publishing leaders for pen-and-paper roleplaying games. White
Wolf properties have been licensed for television series, comic books,
action figures, console and computer video games, coin-operated arcade
games, professional wrestlers, replica props and weapons, interactive
media events and myriad merchandise. More information on White Wolf can
be found at

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