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An Org Play Signature Deck

Deck: Tariq is your daddy
Created by: Oscar Garza 
Plan: Get Tariq out and then a Uriah. Use Gird Minion if necessary to
drop your pool total down. Lose Uriah to your prey. Rush Uriah, burn
him, drop the draughts.


6 Tariq the Silent
6 Uriah Winter


2 Khabar: Community
2 Dreams of the Sphinx
6 Gird Minion
3 Deal with the devil
1 Lupine Assault

Action Mod
8 Swallowed by the night
6 Spying Mission

6 Blood Sweat
30 Draught of the soul
6 Amaranth

10 forced awakening

Oscar Garza
Prince of College Station, Tx
The Crazy Aggie

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