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Org Play's Unofficial
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

Org Play has made some Announcements.
Please complete the V:TES Survey 03/28/07
Millenium Cultists storyline ordering information
Third Edition pre-release weekend
Nights of Reckoning Pre-release announcement
Tools for Princes
North American Championship 2006
White Wolf announces next VTES Set - Nights of Reckoning
2006 Qualifying Rules Changes
V:EKN Conclave Guidelines
V:EKN Event Calendar Transition
VEKN Conclave - Events Calendar Switch complete
Nergal Storyline Kit Order Form
Legacies of Blood pre-release information
Legacies of Blood pre-release dates
Tournament Support
V:EKN Database Update

Org Play would love to talk to you about V:TES and how it can be improved, how more players can be recruited, more tournaments run, and more fun had by all. Contact him on the #VTES IRC channel on A java applet that can be used to join talk on this channel now, is here:
#VTES IRC Chat Room

Org Play has some favorite V:TES websites.

Org Play once answered some questions for the V:TES Who's Who.

Org Play has some non-VTES related web material: MySpace.

Org Play has some signature V:TES decks.
A snake farm
Rachel's Trophies
Bajazet has his Eye on you
Bear Baiting
Black Hand Events
Cybele Trophy
DEM Control
Deploy the Hannibal
Derange Thine Own
Flavor Text
Germaine Revolts
Imogen changes the face of dementation
Imogen Updated
Martyr 2003
Martyr 2005
oh no you di'int
Pain in the ASSamite
Tariq is your daddy
Thanatos Breathing
Tzimisce Voting

Org Play wrote some Clan Newsletters for the Malkavian Antitribu
October 2002
January 2003

Org Play At Work: